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over 30 years of


We have the know-how you need.


Broker/Owner of CBE


I have been a Business Broker licensed

(# 01102952) in California for 25 years and also licensed in AZ previously.

My experience with many different types of companies and businesses has been rewarding. I enjoy relating to Buyers and Sellers and effectively communicating, understanding the experience of operating a day-to-day business while being aware of needs, desires and concerns of both Buyer and Seller. And, having overseen many transactions in the last twenty five years helps me spot potential challenges prior to becoming actual problems or “deal-killers”. There is no substitute for actual hands-on experience by a professional. I will handle the process of selling the business and/or locating the proper business available.


Other duties are preparing and completing escrows along with lease negotiations if necessary.

If needed, I will also locate or transfer the applicable ABC license along with the preparation of the applications. I am looking forward to serving you.


Call me @760-633-3336

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