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Hugh Cobb 12-Jun-2015


"I am the owner of “Pacific Bait and Tackle” on S. Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA. When I purchased this business 17 years ago, I first consulted Everett Roff with a number of the details involved in the sale. He provided me with a wealth of information and my business has been very successful.
Throughout the years , I have used Everett on a consulting basis and have been extremely satisfied with his investigations and advice.
He has sold my business in Jan. 2015 and I am retiring.
I would certainly recommend Everett R off of California Business Exchange for your business needs."

Kent Bry 07-Jul-2015


"I am the owner of ‘Adventure Ski and Snow Boarding School in Encinitas. I have known Everett for 20 years and have used him throughout the years for business consulting. I would highly recommend Everett for your business needs. He has always impressed me with his wealth of business knowledge and integrity."

Jaime Osuna 01-Aug-2015


"I was a head waiter in a restaurant in La Jolla when I called Everett Roff of California Business Exchange in 1996. I was responding to an ad about a restaurant in Encinitas that was being advertised by him.
After investigating into the business with Everett’s expertise with verifying the information supplied by the seller and his negotiation of a fair lease, I purchased the business called ‘Honey’s Cafe’ at 631S. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA. It has turned out to be a very successful business and I still own it today.
Everett later introduced me to another business called Swami’s’ on Hwy 101, Encinitas and, again, with Everett’s expertise in business investigation, I purchased the business. I now have additional successful Swami’s in Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad and La Mesa. My plan is to open more as well. These businesses have allowed me and my family to live a comfortable life in San Diego and I am grateful to Mr. Roff for his efforts with my dealings.
I would highly recommend Everett Roff of California Business Exchange to anyone interested in purchasing and /or selling a business. He works in a very professional, confidential and efficient manner
in providing the best results for all parties involved."

Greg Lukasiewicz 11-Aug-2015


"My name is Greg Lukasiewicz and I am one of the owners of Bull Taco which has four locations: Encinitas, Oceanside, Leucadia and San Clemente. I have been dealing with Everett Roff for a period of time now and have been using him on a consulting basis and possible locations to expand our business. I am certainly satisfied with his valuable recommendations and his wealth of experience in our business dealings. I recommend Everett to anyone needing sound advice, along with purchasing and/or selling a business. He has sold me the business in Leucadia on Highway 101 in Jan of 2014."

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