If you are looking for a business to buy, we can help you in a number of ways:

  • Give you free advice and answer questions about how to buy a business.

  • Do an active search for a business to buy for you and represent you in your search to buy a business.

  • If you want active help finding a business to buy, we can provide fee-based assistance. We will actively work to find a business for you to buy and represent you in the entire process of buying the business. Contact us for more information.

Help in financing:

  • Most of the businesses we sell, if not owner financed, are financed with an SBA business loan that the buyer obtains. This is a win-win for the buyer and seller compared to seller financing. The seller receives most, or all, of the price at the closing and the buyer can finance the purchase for a longer time with a lower down payment using an SBA loan. We are very familiar with SBA loans and help buyers find a lender that can provide the SBA loan.

Our client's needs are our top priority...

Confidentiality is also a very critical factor in a transaction. Knowledge of a pending sale can cause an overreaction from your employees, vendors, customers and competitors that may interrupt the momentum of your business. To prevent this, all precautions possible are taken to prevent leakage of your personal or highly critical business information.
If you are considering buying or selling a company, call and discuss your goals and questions with me without any cost or obligation.


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