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California Business Exchange helps sell your business while maintaining confidentiality

Here are some of the services we offer to our clients:

  • Advertising your business on our website which is visited by over 100 buyers a day. We use search engine marketing and pay-per-click ads to make our website one of the most visited business broker website in this area.

  • Informing buyers in our database who are looking for a business to purchase such as yours.

  • We contact our buyers several times a week about the businesses we are selling.

  • Contacting potential industry buyers – while keeping the identity of your business confidential. We identify potential industry buyers; contact them with a letter, and follow-up with a phone call.


When you are thinking about selling your business, you probably want to know how much it is likely to sell for. If you decide to sell, you need a business valuation to put the business on the market at the right price. We offer a free business valuation to a business owner who is considering whether to sell their business. To prepare this business valuation, we use the market approach, a recognized method to estimate the selling price of a business. We use your financial information and data on what businesses like yours have sold for to prepare an estimate of what your business is likely to sell for.


For most of the sellers we represent, maintaining confidentiality about the sale of their business is their top priority. If vendors, customers, or employees knew the business was for sale, it could damage the business. In addition, sellers don’t want confidential information about the business falling into the hands of a competitor or potential competitor. Because of this concern, we make maintaining confidentiality our top priority.

If a prospective buyer is interested in more information about the company after reviewing the blind profile, the buyer is first required to sign our confidentiality agreement. In addition to agreeing to maintain confidentiality, the buyer provides us with information about his background and financial situation. This information allows us to determine how likely it is that the buyer will be able to get the financing to buy the business if they chose to do so.


It should be noted by business owners that may be thinking of selling their own business that it is very difficult to maintain confidentiality if you are dealing directly with buyers. By using an intermediary, there is a third party to maintain a barrier between the business identity and the buyer until the buyer is qualified and signs a confidentiality agreement.
While there is no way to absolutely guarantee that confidentiality will be maintained, this system works well. For the business owner, the alternative – not putting their business on the market – has a risk also — a lower selling price or no sale at all.

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